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If you came here being sick of daily tiresome routine and looking for some inspiration and rejuvenation of complete system then you really are on the right place. I hope you totally enjoy your reading session.

I’m listing a whole list of my ways to keep the mind healthy, Maintaining work life balance and handling stress properly. We are here to discuss the right way to work and dealing the pressure.


The following blog might take you on your path of self-introduction, clearly because the idea makes sure to provide you enough time for yourself in day.


Let’s get into it… tips for mental health and  how to rejuvenate the whole system deeply. So let’s dig in the secrets to healthy mind – The mental health tips.

1. Get off social media – Mind rejuvenation

Social media – a great way to connect people all over the world, great way to be in touch with friends and relatives living far away. But everything in excess is harmful that’s proven and very well known. We sometimes are so busy in being social and craving for followers, likes and comments lately! Isn’t it? Not just that but comparing our lives with many out there (Everyone does that!). We really need break there every now and then.

And YESS! If you are also a digital creator then go ahead and read this blog with me sending more power your way.

2. Meditation is the Key – Self Introduction

We all know how beneficial meditation is. The state where your mind is not thinking about anything just blank. We often need to give rest to our body but we rarely do that for our brain. Meditation is the best thing you can do for your health of brain or call it healthy mind and it’s rejuvenation. So, this indeed is a ultimate step for keeping the mind healthy.

This is the main step where you move ahead towards the enlightening path of self introduction where you get to know yourself, explore your innerself truly. Thus, A key to healthy mind and Rejuvenating the whole system inside-out.

3. Regular Physical activity

Do whatever suits you the most of any sort. It can be brisk walking, jogging, running, skipping, cycling, swimming, yogasanas and we all know the names. The thing is to actually start doing. For all the people who just promised themselves ( Kal se, Monday se ya 1 se start and legends are those who just decided their new year resolution) we all have been there, no worries.

Once you get into it you will see it’s really addicting and refreshing serving our ultimate goal of achieving that state of healthy mind.

4. Take a break from sitting for long hours

Since it’s work from home season for everyone let’s accept we really need this. It’s already been 3 hours straight while you were working (okay, okay! binge watching perhaps). Now take a few rounds of inspection around the house or even better is to annoy your mother or sibling. (This one is my absolute favorite though… Hahaha!!).

Don’t torture yourself, Stay hydrated and take small breaks. Work and stay motivated. Of course Healthy mind needs good amount of relaxation.

5. Do whatever you love at least 30 minutes a day

If it’s your work then I truly have great respect for you. Don’t worry if it’s not your work I still respect you for doing your best at something you don’t like but still manage to do for many unforeseen reasons. Coming back to the point! So do it. You really must have thought of something when I mentioned “something you love” and if you did take sometime for it. Trust me it’s worth it. But if you didn’t…No problem! keep reading and I am quite sure by the end of this blog you will get something for yourself.

What else can possibly be better than getting Healthy mind and spending that time doing something we enjoyed to our core.


6. Don’t just set goals to regret later, work to accomplish them

We often wake up with so and so things on our mind which we want to do by the end of the day. Well in case you don’t then just enjoy yourselves you are already free and far even from not just stress but the healthy stress too. Talking about those who have a few things on mind in the morning; you have to do those tasks. This is really rewarding. By the end of the day before falling asleep you would be able to praise yourself instead of any stressful regrets. Thus, providing more energy for the next day. Read the 4 life skills here.

7. Don’t burden yourself with unrealistic Targets, be honest and truthful to yourself – The right way to work

We all have been there making record breaking timetables and completing everything we have to and everything we want to. Be honest to yourself and see how realistic your timetable is? Did I just told you something you already know? It actually is a great way. It’s better to make simple achievable targets than making huge targets. Make note of this while making the next timetable.

Make small achievable targets and then feel proud of yourself for completing them. Have a rewarding sleep for actually completing what you thought rather than stressing over unrealistic and way too long Goals (not even measurable).

Read here to learn the secret to happiness at work.


8. Music

I believe it is food for soul and healthy mind. It’s there for every mood.

  • Partner in sadness (if you are playing slow songs then you really are doing it wrong.) and happiness.
  • Must while travelling, I believe.
  • Great to convey thoughts and feelings. (Here comes an important point- Don’t rely on spotify, Gaana etc until you have their premium subscription to enjoy ad free music.) Unfortunately, Not sponsored!
  • Makes even a monotonous task fun (atleast bearable, if not fun).
  • Sooths the disturbed soul.
  • Even introverts amidst crowd are open to this amazing gift in solitude.

9. Spend time with your family and friends

Do I really need to mention how relaxing this can be? People willing from all their heart to really listen to you. Whenever you feel low, no matter how big your stress is but with their presence we can deal with everything.

Go spend some time with the most supportive and loving people, Half your stress will vanish right away and rest you can flush off by reading till the very end. There are high chances that you will find something which suits you the best.

10. Clean it out!

Whenever you don’t have any idea and stuck somewhere you can always take your stress out by cleaning your surroundings. Not only it’s satisfying but a good practice to keep everything in order. Arranging things in order really helps to look at many things you were searching for some-time now. It also refreshes the mind to think again with a different point of view after getting a small break in between.

11. Gardening

These little green friends takes away not just the carbon dioxide for your healthy breathing but stress out of your mind too. Raising a sapling into a plant is a beautiful experience not only it connects you with nature but also teaches a lesson on patience. Give it a try, you will love it!

12. Cooking

You can take interest in cooking things which you really love. I honestly believe it’s a life-skill everyone should learn. Also cooking something great definitely lightens up that angry and hungry mood. The hangry you! Also do you know eating something you made on your own makes you realise the value of the one who does it for you on a daily basis.

13. A pet

It’s not necessary to own a pet, just make sure you are good to street animals in your locality. Feeding them is a feel fulfilling. Spending time with these jolly creatures takes away all your disturbing thoughts to make them disappear in thin air. These little creatures can make you feel what you have is great because they live just in the moment. Play along and say hello to the best mood rejuvenating your core.

14. Don’t hold too much in there

Conversation is the key to many problems and issues. Talk to somebody because everyone is allowed to be weak at times and complain. Let the reason of your stress be out, don’t let it eat you alone. Don’t try to act strong when all you need is someone to say, no matter what I’m there for you, someone to be your back or maybe just listen in order to feel much lighter. Half your stress will vanish for your and without that pressure you will find the best solution to your problem as well by making the best decisions.

Get to Know your worth .

15. Forgive people

If you are holding grudges for someone then try forgiving the person. NO,  not for his/her sake but for your own sake. Holding grudges won’t do any good to you but will keep affecting your mental peace. You sure will feel as light as a feather. If you are able to forgive people for their mistakes that doesn’t mean you have to allow to make the same mistake and hurt you again but it means that the person and it’s mistake do not have to make any difference in your life now. I think I somehow made it easier for you to forgive. This technique actually works for people who are no longer important to you. Coming to the people who are very important to you, Forgiving them is not that hard right? I mean you surely can do that.

16. Sometimes without a plan

You must have heard wake up with a goal always, I have a flavour enhancer here – on some days it’s okay to be without a plan. Such mind really leads to creative ideas and something new. You also can call it as “Going with the flow”. It’s great to not have planned anything for the day and then end up doing whatever comes first to your mind because nothing else committed before. You can spend your me time and do anything you like. How cool is that! It’s okay to be lazy once a while. After all it’s your life and not some race going on. Once a wise person said:

“Time you enjoy wasting is not actually the time wasted. “

But time you waste regretting on that surely is.

17. Compliment yourself

Since it’s lockdown period we often procrastinate and being lazy sometimes makes us feel bad about ourselves. Get dressed, feel good and confident. Don’t doubt yourself. I believe getting dressed nicely, boosts confidence a lot. You have got to respect yourself before you expect it from anyone.

18. Old but still my favourite

“Listen to everyone but do what you feel is right at the end” – To my hindi speaking friends I definitely have to say “Suno sabki karo apni ”. This really works the best. You don’t have to give control of your life to anyone. I really believe that no one on earth can have more control of your life than you do. I don’t mean to disrespect a single soul but you should have that ultimate right to choose what you really want for yourself without pressure of some one else. Definitely learn from everyone, listen to them and then do what suits you the best.

19. Time takes time to make any difference

Give time it’s own time – Don’t expect the results too soon before you show your best. Nothing remains as it is and hence wait for time to change while doing your part and everything will be great! It might not be the healer of every pain but it for sure makes it easier for you to accept facts and live with them. It might not give you solution but it surely makes you take better decisions and make better choices.


 So, these were some of my secrets to a healthy mind. You can also read how mental health is a real problem here!

PS: To be very honest this is me talking to myself more than anyone else. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did while writing. 

Meanwhile things take time and until you reach your ultimate destination let’s see some of my favorite ways to enjoy the Journey fully.

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