In the ever growing Niche of Fitness.

So one of the most popular youtuber in the niche of fitness for everyone is Vivek Mittal, commonly known as Fit Tuber. He has around 4.35 million subscribers (when I’m writing this).

What I love about him is he has magnified the parameters of fitness and has taken it to next level. One such example can be researching on daily use products and helping the consumers make a better choice and not get scammed by these companies using harsh chemicals in their so called herbal and organic products.

Recently while browsing I got familiar with one more youtuber Called Gunjan with her channel Gunjan Shouts. The name is literally what she does, She is packed with power with high energy in all her videos and shouts while talking (Basically that’s her way).



The interview is going to be Hypothetical and an imagery of what I’d want it to be when I reach the basic level to interview my favourite youtubers in the niche of fitness.

The questions I ask here will be answered by me if they have answered them somewhere in any previous interview for now and few new will also be left unanswered for actual interview because actual interview still have time. Before starting the fitness channel I myself want to achieve a few goals of my personal fitness to be able to inspire people.


Let’s begin with the questions I might want to ask them on getting a chance to conduct a interview with them …


Q1 So, first question is from Fit tuber. Many a times I have read in comments section, people voting for you to become a Health minister. What is your take on this? Would you like to become the Health minister (Maybe running awareness campaigns against fake herbal Companies. )

A1 The answer to this question will be left to be answered by him only. I’m Kind’a curious to really know his opinion here. I have observed people for a long time telling him to become a Health minister. (Politics is a dirty game though and not everyone’s choice.)


Q2 Okay, my question is from Gunjan! I love your way of conveying the energy in your videos. So I wanted to ask how have you adapted this speaking style of yours. As you even named the channel on the speaking style “Gunjan Shouts”.

A2 I haven’t heard her answering this yet, So this question will also be kept unanswered for her to answer. 


Rest many questions are very basic ones like who inspires you the most, What keeps you going, Who is your favourite youtuber within and other than your niche.

All to be actually answered by them only.



Q The question I want you both to answer. Many people in order to get fit start starving them and get stressed. Any message for such people.

A3 My answer: This is the worst thing you can do to yourself, You can’t lose weight with this at least not in long run. Try to make a balance of everything you eat. Also getting fit and achieving your ideal weight is not a week or month work to finish and not look back at it again. Rather it’s a matter of making healthy habits. We are going to learn a lot from these people like we already have. Also I’ll keep getting more fun stuff. Stay tuned!!


Now we take your leave and catch up in next video.


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