We will now discuss in detail how can we actually bring this in action.. while exploring our personal style. Fashions and styles keep on changing. There is always something new coming up and something becoming outdated. So you need to be original in this dynamic world. Keep growing, developing and improving but at the same time keeping your originality alive. Be yourself everything is always the most trendy and classic at the same time. Let’s start with learning the art of enjoying the journey in this ultimate expedition.


Let’s just get into enjoying the journey before we reach the ultimate destiny…

Enjoying the journey before reaching the ultimate destiny

1. Choose the destination wisely!

Many a times we are so lost in the brightness of the destination, we have decided to reach that we forget to enjoy the journey to reach there. This happens when the destination we want to reach is not actually chosen by us but by other factors or people.

Say if your destination is to become a well settled person with a respected and secured government job which might or might not be selected by you. But maybe your parents made you chose the security or may be your peers who are hustling to get a safe and secure job got you on the same track when you actually had something else in your mind. As a by-product of joining such job your life might become stagnant and stuck in the fixed office timings and rest of the time to be spent exhausted with fixed days of holidays and less chance of being creative and try something different and new.

I’m not saying that all jobs are boring and bad but all I’m saying is if it’s not your call you won’t enjoy the journey of reaching the destination as well.

I can also quote it like “Unless you start enjoying the journey, it’s not the right journey for you”.

2. Good things takes time..

Being very much into the thought of reaching to the destination we sometimes don’t realize the everyday changes we need to bring in us because that can only take you to the place you want to reach.

Here we don’t even realize the fact that by the time we reach our destination, we won’t remain a same person that we are. Infact the “only way to reach that destination is change and good changes takes time”

Be consistent and we will keep coming closer. Just keep at it. Can we believe this is not as tough as as it seems to be. This is clearly because we have chosen our own journey. This is the best way to not get distracted because we already have chosen a path we want to travel ourself.



just like the flower takes time for budding into something beautiful, Humans needs time too.

3. Celebrate even the small achievements!

We often make our destination far far away just like the galaxy in the Star wars series which is not really visible from the starting point of our journey or the place we are actually standing at.

 “Make every step count and divide the journey in small goals”

This will not only make the journey achievable but fun and cheerful with the feeling of accomplishing something every short while. This is a great dose to satisfy the dopamine need of our mind to make us feel happy, enthuistiastic and keeps us going with a very positive mindset.

I’m not preaching but writing something which actually works for everyone 🙂

4. Don’t forget to  take breaks and re-energizing at the checkposts..

Enjoying the journey

Everytime we reach a small milestone of our journey, let’s just pat our back and celebrate our small  achievement because our achievements are not small for us at that very point.

Let’s give ourself a treat and get even more excited for the further journey full of challanges; be it physical, mental or emotional. These small treats and celebrations keeps us going and cheerful. Everyday we come a few steps closer to the destination, it definately calls for celebration – MAKE IT COUNT!!

People who doesnot count and enjoy the journey often do not complete the journey or should I say they are not able to make through the end. Although it’s a life journey so it’s never the end but by end I meant something you were working for so long.

Cheers!! Let’s raise a toast to ourselves for standing strong  and firm and for all these years.


5. Give your best, what you are best at!

“Hardwork has no alterntive but important is to direct it in the right direction. This really helps us to keep at it. Nothing is achieved without hardwork but we can aid it with some smartwork. Our smartness is not a substitute but is complimentary to 3P’s persistence, practice and passion.

Following/chasing what we love and what we are best at gives us an amazing advantage over anyone else.

We can also call it as “choosing our own path”. Since it is not much travelled it can be damaged and not so straight to walk upon but this also means that we can mould it according to our own wish.

6. Firm belief in ourselves!

I have always believed that good things are worth waiting for because the truth is “If we get something without much effort then we never tend to value it much”

“All we have to do is believe!”

So, the point is to realize the value before achieving it.

Also remember to not give up in the whole process because our belief is  “Good things are coming our way.. SOON as we give our best”

Don’t let the hurdles and hardtimes make you stop doing your efforts and yes you will make through this and come out as an improved version of your ownself.


7. Feel the change and positivity we have created..

Stop once a while, Journey is often very beautiful if you observe in a peaceful state of mind. By the way Have you ever wished for  journey to never end? 

Wait…I know yes you have just like me!

So you must have wished for a few journeys to end soon too. Right?

It is very much similar to that. Appreciate the surprises, the beauty along the way and the potholes will be left behind in our laughter and faded stress.

So these were my seven go to points to release all the stress and to go with the flow. Do share some of your’s in the comment box and ,make the list even better…

Now. I will see you in the comment section and of course with a new blog, a new something…

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