20+ points to help you love yourself!

Discover your personal style and enjoy the confidence that comes with it.


We all have heard

‘love yourself’

 ‘Respect yourself’

 – Right?

 Let’s suppose, the following situation.

What if you don’t love yourself? What if you feel that you lack something? What if you feel inferior sometimes? What to do when you feel low of yourselves?

If you have these questions in your mind then stay with me till the end, I promise to make you feel better and share some of my opinions.

These are some of the questions which we all face at one point or the other in our lifetimes. No matter how good you are, how good you look, or at what heights you are?  People are always trying to make you feel low and pull you down.

There is an art to which I call “The Art of Ignorance” which I want you all to master to use around such people. This art clearly deals with the practice to avoid the unnecessary things, to not listen and focus and beauty of this art is to not letting it affect your mental peace. Basically what I mean is everything you are made to believe by someone else, any boundaries set by them has nothing to do with your capacities, caliber and moreover the individual you are.

Are we on the same page yet?

I’m saying no one but you decide your own boundaries yourself and you can always see yourself making an exception in unforeseen life situations. I even know a few friends who used to undermine themselves and after that I can just say that I pity mentality of people making someone feel low about themselves and so should you rather than giving it a thought and doubting yourself.

I truly believe and follow this beautiful concept of self-love; myself. Trust me once you get into this process you will start cutting crap around you and attracting positivity around.


Now let’s come to another aspect of this as well.

I believe there is one more crucial factor attached to this which we are going to discuss further.

To understand the main thing “Discover your personal style and the confidence that comes with it”.


It’s not necessary that you love yourself the way you are. Wait….What? (I know you are thinking what is this now?)

Calm down! 

I said it’s not necessary to love yourself the way you are currently BECAUSE You might be thriving and aiming to become a better person than you currently are. And why not, we should always work towards getting better every day. Be it emotionally, skillfully, Mentally, Spiritually or even physically making our being healthier and better at the same time.

There is nothing wrong in working on yourself to get better health, better view point by exploring and learning from everything and everyone. Moreover learning goes on until death and we keep on improving ourselves anyways.

It’s okay to not love yourself at certain points in life, but the condition here is you should be working to become that person you want to love and want yourself to be.

Say for example, you don’t love yourself for procrastinating and delaying the work which you actually can do. So, it’s okay or rather I would say it’s important to push yourself to become someone you actually are and capable of becoming.

Now be the person in charge to take yourself towards your own betterment and become a proud self.

You know what? You won’t be able to resist loving yourself!

It’s that simple, If you don’t love yourself take it as a challenge and stay self-motivated. You are not looking for anyone else’s validation but self-satisfaction which is actually the most important factor in one’s life.

Make yourself worth your respect and your love. Work upon yourself. Be comfortable in your own skin to feel proud of the way you are. Love yourself the way you were born. This provides a confidence and satisfaction in oneself.

Satisfaction from within is something you even can call success. There are no other parameters for success really. Success can be very different for different people. Let’s not get into the parameters of success now. Let’s keep it for some other discussion.

Coming back to our topic…

By loving yourself we never mean don’t work upon your weaknesses instead we must keep learning and improving every day. This is what we call real personality development.

There can be a person you admire a lot. But you should never forget the originality factor in yourself while admiring someone like at. We can always get inspired by someone but copying them is not a solution you are looking for. In this process you might even lose yourself. Get inspired, adopt their great habits but in your own manner. With that personal touch of yours specially customized according to your preferences and choices.

Don’t try to become someone you are not in order to get society’s validation.

Society can sometimes harm your peace of mind, Read ways to keep your mind healthy here!


People often confuse personality with the way they look. Here, we are talking about our personality traits and not the way we look.


Never stop growing and improving. This is how we can win our own respect and love. The only thing that matters and should matter in one’s life.


Keep working, keep learning, keep growing!!

 This will bring the Confidence in you. Also  “Confidence breeds beauty”. 

Also read 7 ways to enhance inner beauty here!

 I strongly believe and hence came up with my quote

Confidence adds your own capabilities to your value amidst the crowd”.

You just need to have faith in your own self.

Let’s just escape our comfort zones to maintain our originality and identity.

After following this if you don’t fall in love with yourself. Come back and let me know your experience in this Journey of yours.

Since you read it till here, I think you truly enjoyed this. Now, I would give a break to this on the following note.

Believe in yourself but be strong enough to be criticised. Criticism, NO! Let me correct myself Constructive criticism often aids our growth. The only condition is taking it positively and not getting affected by that negativity around you.

I would now take your leave my reader and sending you my best of wishes in all your life’s endeavours.

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